If you are a hobbyist or if you are a professional technician, this is the place to find the perfect Carbide Drill Bit, Router or End Mill Bit.

Drill Bits Unlimited carries a wide range of small to large solid tungsten carbide tools like what you would find in a quality hobby store, but at down to earth prices! Each drill,

Single size, Variety, or Create Your Own Custom Set!

We make it inexpensive and easy to obtain your perfect bit or bit set.

We offer the convienience of ready made sets consisting of popular sizes as well as single sized sets in 1-500+ piece quantites.

Create your own custom set by choosing from dozens of sizes and in the quantities you need!  Quantity discounts abound so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at a great price with minimal effort.


We offer quality micro, miniature and standard size Carbide drill bits and end mills, Drill Bit Sets, Carbide Router Bits, Carbide End Mills, Engraving Tools, Pin Vices, Hobby supply, and more at great Prices. Perfect for the Printed Circuit Board Industry (PCB), Hobby Store, Wood Worker, Jeweler, Engraver, Technician and Trade School Applications.

Router, and End Mill Bit is made of the finest micro grain tungsten carbide. Our Carbide tools stay sharp many times longer than traditional steel bits making them ideal for the toughest of applications!

These multi-purpose bits can provide solutions for many business such as hobby supply, precision machining, CNC machining, engraving, wood working and (PCB) printed circuit board manufacturing.

Our valued customers include model aircraft, model railroad, model ships, luthiers and musical instrument crafters, jewelers, watchmakers, circuit board fabricators, small engine repair and carb tuning, the list goes on and on!

For either high tech or hobby applications, We offer the best of both worlds:

Our Brand New 100% unused Drill, Router, and End Mill Bits are well-suited for all your critical machining applications.  We offer them at a large discount over hobby shop or online machinist store prices.

Factory resharpened drills offer the same quality and performance as new at  terrific savings.

Gently used drill bits and end mills offer the inexpensive solution for light industrial and hobby needs. These bits were used in the manufacture of high-tech military circuit boards that have extreme quality of cut specifications and cost an average of $30k per order.  So the bits are taken out of service long before they are worn.  You get the benefit of great carbide quality bits without the inflated sticker shock price!


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