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Drill Bits Unlimted

1.10mm .0433" #57 Carbide Slot Drill .343" Flute Length

1.10mm .0433" #57 Carbide Slot Drill .343" Flute Length

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Carbide Slot Drills


  • Solid core with optimized flute clearance reduces bit breakage

  • High-helix flute geometry enhances chip removal for superior pecked slot formation.

  • Shallow point angle minimizes backside breakout and splintering

  • Point geometry and back tapered flutes virtually eliminate top surface splintering

  • Constructed of the Finest Micro-Grain Tungsten Carbide available

  • 1/8" Diameter Shafts fit most equipment

  • Excellent for Drilling in Metals, Plastics, Fiberglass, Wood, Etc.

  • Each Bit has a Colored Depth Stop Ring for consistent plunge depths

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