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1/2" 3 Flute High Performance End Mill - Square End ZrN Coated K132

1/2" 3 Flute High Performance End Mill - Square End ZrN Coated K132

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Made in USA

Kyocera ATLAS High Performance End Mills are an excellent choice for high speed machining of aluminum, copper alloys, brass, and plastics.


  • High Performance ZrN Coating Improves Wear and Reduces Edge Build-up
  • Excellent Suface Finish - Micro Circular Lands on OD and Wiper Flats on the Square and Corner Radius Styles Create Smooth Floor and Excellent Surface Finishes

Product Details:

  • [DC] Cutting Diameter (Size): 1/2"
  • [DC] Cutting Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.5000
  • [DC] Cutting Diameter (mm): 12.70
  • [DCON] Shank Diameter (Decimal Inch): 0.5000
  • [DCON] Shank Diameter (mm): 12.70
  • [LF] Overall Length (Decimal Inch): 3.000
  • [LF] Overall Length (mm): 76.20
  • [APMX] Length of Cut (Decimal Inch): 1.250
  • [APMX] Length of Cut (mm): 31.75
  • Length Type: Standard
  • Helix Angle (Degree): 37
  • Number of Flutes: 3
  • Flute Style: Right Hand Spiral / Medium Helix
  • Type: High Performance, High Speed Non-Ferrous Milling
  • Hand of Cut: Right-Hand
  • Shank Type: Straight / Cylindrical
  • Material: Sub Micron Grain Carbide
  • Finish / Coating: Uncoated
  • Series: 1780 ATLAS
  • Priority Workpiece Material: Aluminum, Copper Alloy
  • Applicable Workpiece Material: Brass, Plastic, Thermoset Plastic, High Density Plastic
  • Application:  Finishing
  • Unit of Measure: inch
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