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Drill Bits Unlimted

Fifty Pieces 1.00mm Router Bits Diamond Flutes 1/8" Shanks Fish Tail Tip - Up Cut Solid Carbide - Super Value - URD116

Fifty Pieces 1.00mm Router Bits Diamond Flutes 1/8" Shanks Fish Tail Tip - Up Cut Solid Carbide - Super Value - URD116

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Lightly used, cleaned and inspected.

When gently used will do, save big over new.  For a fraction of the cost, perfect for hobby or light industrial use.

Diamond Pattern Flutes - Gently cuts materials without fracturing, burrs, or delamination.

Applications include PC Boards, fiberglass substrates (FR4, G10), Ceramics, carbon fiber, graphite, dense hardwood.

Up Cut Flutes - Forces chip evacuation upward, maximizing surface quality

Fishtail Plunge Tips - Eliminates back side break through, splintering and fraying 


Diamond flute routers are typically used for machining and cutting hard and abrasive materials. The use of diamond-coated flute routers allows for improved durability and extended tool life when working with these challenging materials. Some of the materials for which diamond flute routers are commonly employed include:

  1. Carbon fiber: Diamond flute routers are used in the aerospace and automotive industries for cutting carbon fiber composites, which are lightweight and strong materials.

  2. Fiberglass: Diamond flute routers are effective in cutting and shaping fiberglass materials, commonly used in construction, marine applications, and automotive parts.

  3. Graphite: Diamond flute routers are utilized in machining graphite electrodes used in electrical discharge machining (EDM) and in the production of various graphite-based components.

  4. Ceramic: Diamond flute routers are used for cutting and milling ceramic materials, such as advanced ceramics used in the manufacturing of electronic components, cutting tools, and industrial machinery.

  5. Reinforced plastics: Diamond flute routers can handle reinforced plastics, including materials like fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) and carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP).

  6. Composite materials: Diamond flute routers are suitable for cutting and shaping composite materials, which are a combination of two or more materials, such as carbon fiber composites, fiberglass composites, and aramid fiber composites.

  7. Hardwoods: Diamond flute routers can be employed for precision cutting of dense and abrasive hardwoods, such as exotic hardwoods or hardwood laminates.

It's important to note that diamond flute routers are not limited to these materials alone but are primarily chosen for their ability to withstand the challenges presented by hard and abrasive materials.

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