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1/32" x .050" LOC STUB Length Two Flute Carbide End Mill - Up Cut Square End | Made in U.S.A. | M107ST

1/32" x .050" LOC STUB Length Two Flute Carbide End Mill - Up Cut Square End | Made in U.S.A. | M107ST

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Mill Diameter (Inch) : 1/32
Mill Diameter (mm) : 0.80
# of Flutes: 2
Length of Cut (inch): 050
Shank Diameter (Inch) : 1/8
Overall Length (inch): 1.45
Material: Solid Tungsten Carbide
Finish/Coating: N/A
Cutting Direction: Right Hand
Flute Direction: Right Hand (Up Cut)
Flute Type: Spiral
Helix Angle: 30
Center Cutting?: Yes
Plunge Tip: Square End
Applications: Wood,Aluminum,Soft Metals,Composites

Stub length end mills, also known as stubby end mills, are cutting tools used in machining operations. They have shorter flute lengths compared to standard or long-length end mills. The benefits of using stub length end mills include:

  1. Rigidity: Stub length end mills are more rigid and less prone to deflection than longer end mills. This rigidity allows for more precise and stable machining, especially when cutting harder materials or in situations where high cutting forces are involved.

  2. Improved surface finish: Due to their reduced deflection and increased rigidity, stub length end mills can produce a better surface finish on the workpiece. This is essential in applications where a smooth surface is critical, such as in mold making or finishing operations.

  3. Enhanced chip evacuation: Shorter flute lengths result in shorter chip evacuation paths. This can help prevent chip jamming and improve the overall efficiency of the machining process. It's particularly useful when working with materials that tend to produce long and stringy chips.

  4. Increased tool life: The reduced cutting forces and minimized tool deflection associated with stub length end mills can lead to longer tool life. This is especially valuable when machining abrasive materials or performing high-volume production runs.

  5. Higher spindle speeds: Stub length end mills are often used with high-speed machining techniques due to their increased rigidity. This allows for faster cutting speeds, which can lead to reduced cycle times and increased productivity.

  6. Versatility: While stub length end mills are commonly associated with roughing operations, they can also be used for various other machining tasks, including slotting, profiling, and contouring. Their versatility makes them a valuable tool in a machinist's arsenal.

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