Collection: End Mills for Wood, MDF

Options include Straight Flute End Mills, Two Flute Spiral End Mills, Chip Breaker and Diamond Flute Routers.

Straight Flute End Mill

Straight flute tools combine the rigidity of solid carbide tooling with traditional straight flute geometry. A popular tool design for general purpose routing. Used when you don’t want the axial force or thrust of an upcut or downcut spiral.

Applications include: Wood, Plastics, Epoxy Substrates w/ Glass Reinforcement

Two Flute Spiral End Mills

A popular general purpose tool for use with most materials excluding ferrous metals.

Spiral-flute bits with upward chip removal (Up Cut) lift chips up for applications that require a smooth finish on the bottom edge of the cut. Securely clamp the workpiece before routing to prevent lifting.

Spiral-flute bits with downward chip removal (Down Cut) push chips down for applications that require a smooth finish on the cut's top edge.

Chip Breaker / Diamond Flute Routers

Although designed with abrasive and composite materials in mind, the flute geometries yield a clean cut in many wood and wood products.  Diamond style usually produces a cleaner cut and chip breakers have a faster feedrate.